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2018 Honda Pilot Exterior and Interior

2018 Honda Pilot front

The latest Honda model will be a SUV, the 2018 Honda Pilot. In recent years, Honda has introduced lots of innovations while changing the face in almost all its models…this one will be no exception. Expect the car to have lots of interesting features among them greater comfort, modern technology and reduced fuel consumption. In addition to having a changed appearance, the car will be more spacious which means it will be wider and longer than the previous model. Considering the high interest this model is already getting, expect it to be very successful sales-wise.

2016 Honda Pilot Review, Performance

2016 Honda Pilot Front

The 2016 Honda Pilot is expected to be unveiled at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. The mid-size SUV is designed with Acura’s MDX luxury crossover specifications. It is constructed with lightweight materials that improves engine efficiency and reduces vehicle weight.

2017 Honda Pilot – powertrain, release, interior

2017 Honda Pilot front

Next year is the time when it will occur in 2017 Honda Pilot. This is one of the most SUV and a car that is poised for continued growth in sales. The Japanese factory has established for this model prepared some novelty and improvement is to be expected and we are confident that both this version arouse the attention of customers. Will future a technological innovations as well as design improvements.