2018 Honda Pilot Exterior and Interior

The latest Honda model will be a SUV, the 2018 Honda Pilot. In recent years, Honda has introduced lots of innovations while changing the face in almost all its models…this one will be no exception. Expect the car to have lots of interesting features among them greater comfort, modern technology and reduced fuel consumption. In addition to having a changed appearance, the car will be more spacious which means it will be wider and longer than the previous model. Considering the high interest this model is already getting, expect it to be very successful sales-wise.

2018 Honda Pilot front

2018 Honda PilotExterior and Interior

In the external appearance, the 2018 Honda Pilot remains dicey, as with previous models but with soft curves to contribute less resistance as the vehicle moves. The profile of the car is characterized by typical creases on the lines of the door handles, and includes improved LED lights to offer improved visibility. 2018 Honda Pilot other changes include It will be redesignedgrille and headlights and rear bumper. These changes will give this car a more aggressive appearance.

The Interior will have a beautiful design to offer comfort and warmth. It will be offered with 3 rows of seats to enable it accommodate up to 8 adults. 2018 Honda Pilot the space in between seats will be increased to give passengers ample leg room. When the back seats are folded, more space will be freed for luggage and any other stuff. The other advantage will be inclusion of cup holders in the seats, making this car just the right choice for long trips. The interior will be very functional with a modern navigation system as well as simple touch screen controls for easier operation. In such modern times when we can’t live without technology the car receives a quick charger for the headset and phone for greater fun on longer journeys.

2018 Honda Pilot side

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

The engine of the new 2018 Honda Pilot also sees several strategic changes. It will have a stronger 3.5-liter V6 engine to offer 290HP and 267 lb feet of torque. It will have a six speed transmission in the form of a CVT gearbox. It will have a supported front-wheel drive system. Another Planet Dreams VTEC version might also be available. These inclusions will be instrumental in improving its fuel economy. Mileage figures will stand probably at 18 mpg on the city road and 25 mpg on the highway. 2018 Honda Pilot the car will be a driven 4WD; while being optionally convertible to run on 2 front wheels. It will be capable of achieving the Speed of 60 miles in 8.9 seconds.

2018 Honda Pilot interior

2018 Honda Pilot Price and Release Date

Speculations are that the model will be available come at the end of 2018 at around 30,000$. The 2018 Honda Pilot price will increase with higher consoles and trim levels.

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