2018 Ford Taurus Redesigned and Engine

The 2018 Ford Taurus was first unveiled to the general public at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2016 and is best suited for businessmen and discerning executives who prefer a modest and subtle mode of transportation.

2018 Ford Taurus front

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior and Interior

The 2018 Ford Taurus will retain most of the bulky proportions associated with its predecessor though a redesigned shield grille and streamlined HID headlights will certainly enhance its overall look. The front bumper will feature a set of daytime running lights while the rear LED tail light assembly will have a strip of chrome running in between them. The rear will have a deck lid mounted spoiler and two exhaust tips with a polished chrome finish.

2018 Ford Taurus the interior will be comfortable enough for discerning executives and will have heated, ventilated rear seats with a reclining feature and additional lumbar support. The vehicle will feature a folding center seat that will house a variety of controls for the air conditioning, seat positions and the infotainment system.

2018 Ford Taurus side

2018 Ford Taurus Engine

In the expanse rapidly growing Chinese automobile market, the Ford Taurus will be available with only the 2.7 liter twin turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine. However in the States, other engine options may include a 2 liter V6 option capable of 240 bhp with a torque of 268 lb. The 2 liter option will enable the Taurus to have a 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds. Ford may also opt to maintain the 3.5 liter power plant that is capable of 240 bhp at a massive 375 lb. The 2018 Ford Taurus will feature a 6 speed automatic gearbox though speculation is rife that a 9 speed option may be in the offing in the American market. The base model will have a 2 liter V6 power-plant which will have a conservative urban fuel consumption of 20 mpg and 30 mpg for highway settings.

2018 Ford Taurus interior

2018 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

The 2018 Ford Taurus has a large new LCD screen incorporated in its interior and a redesigned gear selector based on a rotary design replaces the traditional gear selector. A new steering wheel has been incorporated in the 2018 Taurus and has practical well placed gear shifts. The front fascia of the vehicle has new and stylish front grilles which are complemented by aerodynamic streamlined headlight apparatus. The 2018 Ford Taurus has a completely redesigned sunroof that has two panels that cleverly fold into each other in order to conserve interior space. Production on the US model will begin towards the end of 2016 and sales are expected to begin in the second half of 2017. In China, production is slated to begin earlier, towards the end of the year and sales of the Taurus will commence in the beginning of 2017. The 2018 Ford Taurus will have an estimated price tag of US $ 35,000 though these are unofficial figures.

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