2017 Toyota Tacoma – review, interior, changes

2017 Toyota Tacoma is one of the best trucks on the market. The largest Japanese manufacturer has prepared a new version of its redesigned pickup. This generation will be subject to certain improvements to compete with its competitors on the market, and the competition is a lot and it’s pretty strong.

2017 Toyota Tacoma side

2017 Toyota Tacoma exterior and interior changes

Since this is essentially a vehicle that has the same purpose as its predecessor and that is essentially a truck and stylistically very similar to predecessor. Complete dimensions of vehicles will be slightly increased, and the design is very similar. Also significant are the changes in the mass of the vehicle, it is reduced. This is achieved by using aluminum and carbon fiber. This is a general tendency in the auto industry, and aims to better fuel efficiency. It should be noted and larger wheelbase, and this item is important and because of potentially larger space inside the cabin. There will be three options, namely: access cab, double cab and double cab long bed. This excellent and one of the most attractive pickup will be based on the new platform. The interior is spacious and luxurious. 2017 Toyota Tacoma is the type of vehicle that is no longer just a means of transport but a status symbol. The interior is well-crafted, and the materials are great. Space is many and can be great in a cabin suitable for five adult passengers. Seats were excellent, and the driving position is very good. Quality electronics is probably the best on the market. The interior is filled with a myriad of devices and electronic systems. It should be noted excellent insulation cabins, great air conditioning and big screen infotainment system. Force distribution systems, ABS, ESP and similar are in the latest generation.

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior

Toyota Tacoma powertrain

Drive units that will drive a new 2017 Toyota Tacoma will be in two variants. First is 2.7 L inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. Another option is likely to be stronger engine with 3.5 L displacement. This is a V6 engine. In addition to these two engines should mention the standard six-speed automatic transmission as well as the start stops system technology. According to some sources, the most optimistic 2017 Toyota Tacoma will in some perspective and will get Hybrid drive.

2017 Toyota Tacoma rear

2017 Toyota Tacoma release date and price

The appearance of the new 2017 Toyota Tacoma will probably be scheduled for the end of next year. Precise announcement of this event will be expected in the coming months. The price will be around $ 30,000 for a better version of the future Tacoma.


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