2017 Toyota Setsuna concept

Toyota has prepared something completely new for 2017, this is a car made of wood, which will absolutely incredible and amazing for a modern car and it will be a 2017 Toyota Setsuna concept. This new car will be very attractive inside and out, while under the hood will be equipped with electric motor, but this new car will be a true eco-friendly car. It is assumed that this car will attract a lot of attention in the market, but whether it will actually be able to be a good break on the market to us remains to be seen.


2017 Toyota Setsuna concept Design and Features

The exterior of the new 2017 Toyota Setsuna concept will be completely made of wood and will be designed so that it has the shape of a boat. This car will be made of two different types of wood such as cedar and birch. As you can imagine the entire car can’t be made of wood, so that the wheels will be made of aluminum and can be said to be a nice fit in the concept of this wooden car.

When it comes to the interior of the new 2017 Toyota Setsuna concept will be built next to the wood from the finest leather and aluminum. It is still unknown who will all modern technology, this new car to have, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for that information. The seats of the car will be made of the finest leather, so comfort will be at the highest possible position. The steering wheel of this car will be made of a combination of aluminum and wood, and the driver will enjoy driving this car.


2017 Toyota Setsuna concept Electric power

Under the hood of the new 2017 Toyota Setsuna concept will be as we have already mentioned electric motor which will be equipped with a 12 volt battery and will cross about 16 miles, and will accelerate around 28 mph. It is assumed that the manufacturer will have a little more to make efforts in order to make an engine that will have the power to move a greater distance and to reach higher speeds because the market is cruel, and it seems that new potential customers will not be satisfied with an engine that is currently in the car.


2017 Toyota Setsuna concept Release date and Price

This concept car was presented at the Auto Show in New York, but it is still unknown when it will be on sale. It also is still unknown the starting price of the new 2017 Toyota Setsuna concept so we will have to wait for an official statement from the company.

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