2017 Toyota Highlander Price, Review

Car models have lately been coming in different styles and shapes and the Toyota Highlander has been no different, gaining exceptional interest with the passage of time. Its latest model, 2017 Toyota Highlander whose design is not very different structural wise from the earlier generations but very stylish. The 2017 Toyota Highlander is a sport utility vehicle with five doors, a massive engine performance not to mention its strength to sway through even in the roughest of weather conditions as well as rough roads.

2017 Toyota Highlander front

2017 Toyota Highlander Interior and exterior design

From the outside, 2017 Toyota highlander has no much difference from its predecessor. There are slight modifications and changes on the front bumper, headlights, taillights and the spoiler. It is also lighter having been made of steel and aluminum and in order to create less air friction, Toyota has installed modern aerodynamics.

The tires are 18 inches with aluminum alloy rims while the bonnet of the 2017 Toyota Highlander has upraised margins. Headlights, daytime running lights and taillights have LED technology.

In the inside, the Highlander is designed to offer a comfortable seating of five occupants including the driver. The automaker has ensured maximum comfort since the seats which are arranged in two rows are made of premium materials and the front seats made of ventilated leather. The seats are adjustable and the driver has enough driving space. 2017 Toyota Highlander has power steering, automatic climate adjustment and weather updates, two speedometers, a satellite radio and a new different gear box.

To entertain the occupants, the automaker has designed an audio system with 12 speakers, a High Density touch screen of 8 inches, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi as well as a Smartphone connector. For safety purposes, 2017 Toyota Highlander has a rear view digital camera, cruise control and Google maps.

2017 Toyota Highlander rear

2017 Toyota Highlander Engine, Redesign

The 2017 Toyota Highlander has two powerful petrol engines with different fuel capacities. The first is a v-6 type of an engine which has a fuel capacity of 3.5litres capable of generating a maximum power of 270 HP (horse power) and an utmost 337 Nm torque outputs. This engine helps the Highlander get an acceleration that makes it attain a velocity of 60mph in 8.7 seconds at the speed of 180 km per hour.

The second engine placed under the hood is a four cylinder twin turbo which is a 2.7litres fuel capacity generating a maximum power of 185Hp (horse power) and 250 Nm torque outputs.

The two engines are combined with a transmission that is computerized to perform better and save fuel and also thrust the power to the front wheels. It covers 24 miles per gallon with a high speed mileage of 28 miles per gallon.

Apart from the redesigning and the bulk changes on the 2017 Toyota highlander which will be visible from both the interior and the exterior parts of it; reshaped exhaust pipes, LED headlights, taillights and slight front bumper changes, it will not lose its muscular and dynamic look its generation is known for.

2017 Toyota Highlander interior

2017 Toyota Highlander Release date and price

The release date of the 2017 Toyota Highlander will be in the late 2016 and the expected base price will be $30,000 to $44,000 on the higher side. It will be competing with vehicles with its same engine specs and price such as Nissan Pathfinder. It will first be seen in London, Paris and Detroit auto exhibitions.

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