2017 Toyota Aygo Review, Price, Specs

In the sea of so many models announced for 2017 year market there could be some worth attention that won`t be noticed because there is many others with better marketing that he have. One of those is definitely 2017 Toyota Aygo which is more than great, it`s obvious but until today, until now, there aren`t so many of you which have heard before that he`s going to be released. Because of that, we are here to introduce new Aygo to the audience.

2017 Toyota Aygo Front

2017 Toyota Aygo Redesign, Review, Specs

New small-size city car, as great coupe as this new 2017 Toyota Aygo really is, is something that we have wanted to have and Toyota made that wish come true. Great thing about him is that he can be longer and bigger than this shown version is, he can be made as sedan as well but we somehow like this two door coupe version better. With new Aygo, there isn`t anything wrong. Starting from the bottom to the top or from the front to the back, new Aygo is really amazing. For example, his front part is designed to have amazing letter `X` shape where everything (grille, headlights, air diffusers, fog lights) seems like it`s made in one piece. Because of that, his front part is most brilliant we`ve seen from Aygo so far. His taillights are also designed with extra attention, like his entire rear part is. It have really long and big taillights which suit him well. Knowing that he`s going to be made using mostly carbon fiber, we are more than sure that new 2017 Toyota Aygo will be one effective city car.

2017 Toyota Aygo Interior

Even though he`s small, new 2017 Toyota Aygo will definitely going to have enough room for the passengers to feel comfortable. Of course, not as in some large SUVs but there will be plenty of room for the passengers to be relaxed, at least for some shorter trips. Because of that, his seats are made using finest materials there can be together with amazing design which can give them extra lumbar support because that is what it`s most important in today’s times where almost everybody spent their entire day in chair or in front of TV. Great functions will be installed in new 2017 Toyota Aygo and with them, his infotainment system will be well equipped. There will be digital climate controller, both USB and Bluetooth connection system, 4G LTE Internet connectivity, parking sensors, new audio system with better sound quality and many others. Instrument board is revised and now there are fewer buttons than before inside new 2017 Toyota Aygo and his engineers will try to make that large touchscreen on the middle of instrument board able to be used as control for every function.

2017 Toyota Aygo Engine, Power Expectations, Mpg

Toyota is Company which is known that knows how to keep a secret and that can be mostly seen on how they can keep engine units which will be offered for new 2017 Toyota Aygo as secret. This time, we weren`t been able to hear anything from them so we have turned our attention to the speculations. Most of the rumors mention only one engine option for new Aygo and that will probably going to be his basic engine. That is 1.2-liter 3-cylinder which is able to deliver more than 70 horsepower and more than 95 Nm as his maximum torque amount. This time, this engine will work in pair with 5-speed manual transmission system which will be extra effective and it will definitely save a lot of money with his great fuel economy. New 2017 Toyota Aygo isn`t some fast car, new Aygo will with this kind of power be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 14 seconds.

2017 Toyota Aygo Rear

2017 Toyota Aygo Price and Estimated launch Date

$10.000 will be starting price for new 2017 Toyota Aygo which will make him affordable car and customers will definitely going to love that price. Release date is going to be somewhere around July of 2017 so we are about year apart from seeing new Aygo in his full shine.

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