2017 Mercedes MLC Review, price

The new 2017 Mercedes MLC will be a type of vehicle we hope to see in the future rolling down the streets with all its power and lavishness. Though we got used to the classy design Mercedes vehicles offer this time they will surprise us with something more revolutionary and innovative and we are thrilled to find out something more about it.

2017 Mercedes MLC Front

2017 Mercedes MLC Redesign, platform

The mightiness, power and space ship are the first words that come to our mind when we hear the name 2017 Mercedes MLC. This outstanding model will be a real Terminator among the SUV vehicles at the 2017 year’s market and there won’t be a vehicle which will resemble it. The powerful cover will be made out of sheer metal and aluminum combination with will be painted either in metallic or matte color. The sloppiness of its front part will give it the most amazing aerodynamics and will be occupied with the large wire-like ventilation system and impressive cross-like grille. The LED technology will be present in all the sections of the model and the rear part will receive long, thin and quite futuristic rear lights and new exhaust system.

The cabin will contain all the quality features present in most of the newly designed Mercedes models just will be a bit more electronically supported. The new 2017 Mercedes MLC will be offering a fully wrapped interior in quality Nappa leather, effective and luminous dashboard as well as comfort you cannot find anywhere else. The driver will manage the vehicle with a touch of a finger and will provide its passengers with the pleasant interior atmosphere. The technological features which will be supplied inside of the new 2017 Mercedes MLC will be specified in a few days but until then let’s just enjoy in all the luxury it offers already.

2017 Mercedes MLC Interior

2017 Mercedes MLC Specs, power changes

The manufacturers of the new 2017 Mercedes MLC are keeping the engine options and their performances a secret till the end of its construction. But till it happens we have heard a number of rumors about using the same engine that its predecessors did. The new 3.0 liter V6 engine with the production of 362 hp and 384 of torque is the engine we speak about this engine will be twinned with the nine-speed automatic transmission. Still these are just some speculations which might become a reality, or not.

2017 Mercedes MLC Side

2017 Mercedes MLC Price tag, release date

As most of the Mercedes vehicles the new 2017 Mercedes MLC will have rather spicy pricing which will for the base model reach the price of $70,000 while the more luxurious model will come to the amount of $90,000 which is high but comes with the long tradition of quality and technological advancements. The release of this exclusive model is likely to happen in November of 2017 year and it will be eagerly awaited.

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