2017 Lexus TX Interior, Exterior

The Lexus TX has for quite some time now been the leader when it comes to the SUV sector. Regardless of all the changes that come with the 2017 Lexus TX this will still be the case. Many people slowly prefer smaller compact SUVs and this has led to the manufacturing of the 2017 TX. This is a car that will surprise everybody.

2017 Lexus TX front

2017 Lexus TX Exterior, Interior

The 2017 Lexus TX has quite a noticeable difference with the RX. It is expected to have sleeker body lines, better aerodynamics that is responsible for changing its entire appearance. It is expected to weigh less since it will have more aluminum usage for its body. As much as the use of aluminum has lowered its weight it has on the other hand increased the 2017 Lexus TX price since the aluminum is a bit pricey. It is expected to have a more stylish grille, sharply edged headlights and a bumper that will have new tiny fog lights. 2017 TX is expected to be longer than its predecessor the RX, will also have unique five spoke exceptional alloy wheels.

The interior of the new Lexus TX is expected to have an exceptional interior since its manufacturers priority was on its magnificence and comfort. This is a strategy to ensure that the 2017 Lexus TX remains in the market for quite a while. Satisfied passengers always result to more sales. The 2017 Lexus TX is expected to have quite a number of high class interior functions that will ensure that is a luxurious modern-day car.

2017 Lexus TX rear

2017 Lexus TX Engine specs

The 2017 Lexus TX is expected to have quite an effective engine. It is expected to have one engine alternative that will be a 3.5 liter Ivtec V6. This engine will be in position to produce 290 hp and a torque of 267 pound feet. It will also have a 6 or 8 effective automobile speed transmission. The other engine alternative is expected to have a 3.5 liter V6 which will be hybrid variant and electrically powered. It will be in a position to produce 300 hp and a 300 torque. It is also rumored that the electrical engine will no longer be two wheeled but four-wheeled. Its fuel economy is expected to begin from 0 -60 mph in 8 seconds.

2017 Lexus TX interior

2017 Lexus TX Price and release date

The 2017 TX is expected to hit the market come the last quarter of 2016. As for the price, it expected to cost around 60,000 dollars. This is simply a car that will for sure suit all comfortability and class needs.

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