2017 Land Rover Discovery – changes, review, release

2017 Land Rover Discovery is still one of the representatives of the British car industry, which announce as a model for the coming year. This is as you know a real, racial terrain known throughout the world for its quality and true off-road character, as its name implies. Previous generations were very good vehicles and mint are quoted on the market and are not expected or less than a new generation.

2017 Land Rover Discovery side

2017 Land Rover Discovery exterior and interior changes

The new SUV is likely to have increased dimensions compared to previous generation, but will probably have a lower weight. Complete exterior be rumored to be changed. Changes will move to aggravate the form; this appears to be a general trend in the world. The front end will be equipped with new smart LED headlights and a new front grill. The chrome roll bar will also be one of the new additions. Overall impression will be as it seems to be perkier and more aggressive. The rear end will adorn the large spare wheel and new light clusters. Wheels are larger and made of aluminum. The cabin of 2017 Land Rover Discovery is spacious and higher space. This change gives greater space for passengers who have higher growth. He is also more space in the rear seats. The seats are very comfortable and covered with leather, and less powerful versions of high-quality upholstery. The center console will probably have a new eight-inch touch screen from which the command of the various systems. It is also to follow the various facilities DVD, stereo system that monitors and excellent acoustics. Large SUV of the new generation such as the 2017 Land Rover Discovery would not be complete without navigation system, traction control, traction distribution to all four wheels and the like. The interior also has a Bluetooth connection, USB and so on. Better models will have parking sensors and reversing camera.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior

2017 Land Rover Range Rover powertrain

The engine that we have the chance to feel in the new SUV 2017 Land Rover Discovery will probably be produced in cooperation with the American Ford. This will be a regular turbo petrol engine with cylinders in line arrangement. It has a capacity of 2.0 L. The strength of this at first glance, the small engines for a large SUV will be rated at 240 HP and a maximum torque will be 250 lb/ft. In addition to this unit are also mentioned some possible options but there is still no concrete information about these for now we will not so many pay attention to these rumors.

2017 Land Rover Discovery rear

2017 Land Rover Discovery release date and price

The time when this beautiful 2017 Land Rover Discovery ride first customers are still not precisely defined but it is assumed it will not happen before the end of next year. Price will probably be depending on the level of equipment somewhere at the level of its predecessor which was about $ 40,000.

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