2017 Infiniti QX80 Review, News

The 2017 Infiniti QX80 is a fully loaded full-size SUV. This SUV is both powerful and elegant with its outstanding interior and exterior features. While the new 2017 Infiniti QX80 will preserve the look of its previous model, there are a few modifications that have been made.  These features will make this SUV one of the classiest vehicles on the market.

2017 Infiniti QX80 front

This full sized SUV is a highly developed vehicle complete with new brake calipers along with many other upgrades. The front grill is more visible, the headlights have been restyled and the front bumper has sharper fog lights than the previous model. The headlights of the 2017 Infiniti QX80 have also been modified to look more elegant that the previous model. The SUV has been re-modified to give this vehicle a more intimidating look as well as provide more room on the interior, making traveling in this vehicle more comfortable.

The new dimensions are:

-length-290 inches

-width-80 inches

-height-76 inches

-wheelbase-121 inches

-front track-68 inches

The 2017 Infiniti QX80 provides you with both the comfort and luxury of leather covered seats and heating technology. Along with properly spaced seating. This means that you can safely and comfortably put a child car seat in the main cabin of this luxury SUV without having to worry about it being a tight squeeze.

The seats are also ventilated and power adjustable. Lumbar support is also another feature option when it comes to this new model. The Infiniti QX80 2017 has a variety of safety features.

These safety features include:

-parking sensor

-rear view mirrors

-lane departure warning

-collision alert system

-six airbags

-blind spot warning

2017 Infiniti QX80 rear

The cabin of this vehicle will accommodate anywhere from six to eight passengers comfortably and safely. The Infiniti 2017 QX80 offers more than just safety and comfort. It also offers a variety of options, which will make this 2017 Infiniti QX80 more desirable than any other vehicle before. The front dash features a large LCD touch screen which displays and controls a ton of other features.

These features include:

-wireless Bluetooth


-smartphone connectivity

-USB ports

-wireless changing

-satellite navigation

-LCD touch screen

These options allow you to have a better riding experience than any other vehicle before it. The wifi feature this SUV offers allows you to connect to the internet where ever you can pick up a satellite signal. Making trips with children who want to watch TV fairly easy. The 2017 Infiniti QX80 is an extremely powerful vehicle. It has a 5.6 liter V8 engine with the ability to produce 400 horsepower. Making off-road trips with this vehicle not only possible but fun as well.

2017 Infiniti QX80 Performance specs

This SUV has an amazing engine performance. With a seven-speed automated transmission, this SUV can go from zero to sixty in just 5.5 seconds. This means that this vehicle will be able to get your from point A to point B in a short amount of time.

This vehicle uses premium fuel with the fuel economy of 14 miles per gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on highways. Keeping more money in your pocket and giving you the comfort of having a full-size SUV without the cost of re-filling an SUV fuel tank.

2017 Infiniti QX80 interior

2017 Infiniti QX80 Release date and price

While the 2017 Infiniti is not on the market yet, it is expected to be released during the early months of 2017. With a starting price of about $45,000 the new Infiniti 2017 QX80 is expected to access up to about $70,000.

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