2017 Honda Pilot – powertrain, release, interior

Next year is the time when it will occur in 2017 Honda Pilot. This is one of the most SUV and a car that is poised for continued growth in sales. The Japanese factory has established for this model prepared some novelty and improvement is to be expected and we are confident that both this version arouse the attention of customers. Will future a technological innovations as well as design improvements.

2017 Honda Pilot side

2017 Honda Pilot powertrain changes

News regarding the motor based on announcements by the new engine of six cylinders in a V arrangement. The power of this engine will be rated at around 280 HP. This will be enough for 2017 Honda Pilot has excellent performance. This is in essence a substantial full-size SUV with three rows of seats and a powerful engine is a characteristic that is required. With this engine the requirements will be fully met. This unit will be in 2017 Honda Pilot installed in addition with six-speed automatic transmission that supports this force in the right manner and transfers it to the front wheels. All-wheel drive is optional and will be an integral part copies specially commissioned for selected customers with better trim level. The other options are referred Elite nine-transmission gearbox but about it would later be more information. This SUV is primarily a family car but drive on the road without asphalt cover will not be a big problem, personally for variants with distribution systems tensile force and already mentioned all-wheel drive. This is especially true in winter city driving conditions with wet and snow-covered roads.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

2017 Honda Pilot exterior and interior

The outside does not significantly vary the design of its predecessor. Great body and robust lines are still the hallmark of this vehicle. We can say that the character reflects its purpose, a family, safe, strong and comfortable above all. The car also suitable for housewives and for dads! The interior is far more luxurious. The long wheelbase allows enormous cabin and three rows of seats. Seats are superior workmanship and very high levels of comfort and ergonomics. They can be upholstered in leather or high-quality materials. Superior workmanship and quality materials are the characteristics and other Japanese manufacturers and models but it appears that the 2017 Pilot went further. Even the last row of seats can boast more than enough room for two adults. Great armrests on the front seats, a large number of sections and storage bin as, cup holders and other similar additives obviously shows the intent that the 2017 Honda Pilot perfectly designed for the comfort of family and long journeys. We should also mention the excellent sound insulation, air conditioning and a nice stereo system. The large touchscreen is set in the center of the front panel and it is very well viewed. In addition it should be mentioned and USB connection, Bluetooth and other similar electronic accessories and supplies.

2017 Honda Pilot rear

2017 Honda Pilot release date and price

From this SUV is expected as we have already mentioned further sales growth and continue for now very good rice from Honda brand. The market is expected in the first half of next year, and the price will probably be somewhat higher than its predecessor. But in any case competitive.

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