2017 Honda Freed Review, Engine, Release

The giant automaker is planning to release the new Honda Freed that is meant to be an update to the already available similar model in North America and as an update to the previous Honda freed model. The car would not receive many changes compared to what exists already however some changes are worth noting as will be highlighted below. The new model 2017 Honda Freed will first be released for the Asian market and other parts of the globe will follow.

2017 Honda Freed Front

2017 Honda Freed Interior and Exterior

The car has been redesigned, and it will be available with more space. The latest model 2017 Honda Freed will be able to accommodate eight passengers comfortably. The interior of the car has received the much-needed attention, and many changes have been made to make the car more modern and luxurious. The seats will be covered with high-end leather materials, they will also be fitted with a seat warming or heating function not forgetting seat adjustment options as well. The car will be equipped with a state of the art entertainment system with a touch screen display that houses some controls of the car.

Much of the exterior of the new 2017 Honda Freed will be modified to meet the needs of the modern day buyer. The car will be built with light and stronger materials that will reduce the weight of the vehicle to promote fuel economy and at the same time protect the occupants and keep them safe. The front grille will also be modified as well as the bumpers. The car will be fitted with LED lights for better visibility in the dark.

2017 Honda Freed Interior

2017 Honda Freed Engine

The 2017 Honda Freed will be operated by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is capable of generating 130 horsepower. The automaker will also make available a hybrid for this model that will work along a four-cylinder engine delivering power to all four wheels as opposed to only two. The 1.5 four-cylinder engine will be connected to a five-speed CVT automatic transmission system. The gearbox of the new model is expected to be better compared to previous models.

2017 Honda Freed Side

2017 Honda Freed Price and release date

The automaker has not made any official statements concerning the new 2017 Honda Freed; however, the can is expected to fetch a higher price compared to earlier models. The retail price is expected to be around 20,000 to 27,000 dollars. The car is expected to be available in the market later in the year 2016 or the first quarter of 2017. For more information on the car, you can visit your local Honda dealership.

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