2017 GMC Sierra – review, specs, redesign

Another outstanding American truck arrives, and it’s 2017 GMC Sierra. This type of vehicle is one of the symbols of America and thereby to their producers paid the greatest attention. Brand GMC is as up to now prepared very good and interesting SUV truck. What will be the reaction of the market to this race and strong pickup we will see but we certainly confident that it would offer a very interesting innovation.

2017 GMC Sierra side

2017 GMC Sierra redesign

Americans for this generation of truck prepare changes to the exterior design. These changes will be visible at first glance, the front end and so far has checkered appearance but noticeable new front grille and new headlights. It is very glossy and in LED technology. Overall impression body is very strong and robust. The large bumpers and the front and back add more manly and muscular look. The rest of the body 2017 GMC Sierra is also in the flat and rectangular lines. Noticeably enough chrome parts such as the front grille, side sills, thresholds and door locks. Clearance is very tall and big wheels of 20 inch chrome wheels to complement the already excellent design. At first glance, this SUV looks like it was created for a variety of wilderness and road less area which is not far from the truth. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The seats are large and lined with high quality leather. The space between the front bulkhead and occupies a large armrest. Front console is equipped with a large touch screen. Quality systems help the vehicle that gives the driver an excellent performance, for assistance is in charge of distribution systems, Traction Control system and the like. In addition to these systems for comfort and safety are in charge of the air bag system, navigation, excellent air conditioning and stereo system.

2017 GMC Sierra interior

2017 GMC Sierra powertrain

This vehicle has set certain requirements before the engine that drives it. Very strong 6.7 L engine with eight cylinders in V arrangement is in charge of this task. Given the volume and respectable power of 420 HP on the Duramax engine in combination with the body provides a terrific performance that is expected of the 2017 GMC Sierra. As a novelty in terms of operation is mentioned and any hybrid combination and about it there is no complete information. Transmission will probably be over a seven-speed automatic transmission and is already known options differential lock.

2017 GMC Sierra rear

2017 GMC Sierra release date and price

Release date of this SUV is scheduled for mid-2016 as things now stand. Price will vary within wide limits due to packs which will be equipped with this strongman, 30,000-50,000 greenbacks.


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