2017 Ford Atlas Review, Release date

The 2017 Ford Atlas is now nearing full production as a redesigned version of the famous F150. Ford first unveiled this new pick-up as a concept, back in 2013 during the Detroit Motor Show. The 2017 Ford Atlas is meant as a preview of the thirteenth generation of the Ford F-Series vehicles.

2017 Ford Atlas front

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior, Interior

The 2017 Ford Atlas definitely shows its DNA of being an F-Series pick-up. Design queues from the Ford F150 are prevalent. The lines of the body provide a big, boxy, and authoritative road presence. It’s a totally different animal compared to the smaller Japanese pick-ups. Just one look at this 2017 Atlas and you’ll know it means business. The flat panels gives it a utilitarian design but mixed with the curvy body details, showing sophistication in the design.

At the front, a massive grille provides good airflow for engine cooling. Active Grille Shutters are also installed to improve performance and fuel efficiency. The headlights are dual-layer full LED lights that provide superior lighting and road visibility.

In the rear, you’ll see 110v outlets installed in the bed. Tailgate steps are also provided for easy loading and unloading. The taillights still have the same design as with the Ford F150 but fitted with full LED technology as well.

In the interior of the 2017 Ford Atlas is where you’ll see the difference of this model from the current Ford F150 pick-ups. The 2017 Ford Atlas has a beautiful interior coupled with a wide array of gadgets and entertainment systems.

Leather upholstery can be found on both the seats and steering wheel. Brushed metal texture covers the bezels and trims giving a sophisticated charm. Four air conditioner vents are located and the front and two vents can be found in the rear. Customizable ambient LED lighting surrounds the entire interior. This is the same technology as we’ve seen with modern Ford vehicles such as in the new Ford Mustang.

A large touchscreen module sits in the middle console of the dashboard. This provides vehicle data and entertainment. Two touchscreen monitors also lie at the rear of each head rest for the comfort and entertainment of the rear passengers.

2017 Ford Atlas rear

2017 Ford Atlas Engine

As for the engine, the 2017 Ford Atlas has a specific purpose of delivering great fuel efficiency without sacrificing power. It’s equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine producing 360hp with a strong 380lb ft. of torque. This 2017 Atlas engine should propel this pick-up from 0-60mph in less than 8.1 seconds. It is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission for range and efficiency.

2017 Ford Atlas interior

2017 Ford Atlas Price and Release Date

It is expected that the 2017 Atlas will be released at the later months of 2016. Vehicle production should begin anytime soon. There is still no word with regards to the pricing of the 2017 Ford Atlas, but experts estimate it to be within the $20,000 and up price range.

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