2017 BMW M5 Review, Top Speed

When BMW announce that they`re going to release new generation of any car there are huge number of people getting interested. Because of that, we have some fresh news from BMW ready, they said that new M5 generation will appear for 2017 year market. This new 2017 BMW M5 is true luxury, sporty sedan which have the power and style to be the best on the world. Now, it`s up to you if he`s going to live its potential but we must say that you won`t make a mistake if you choose new M5 to be your new car.

2017 BMW M5 Front

2017 BMW M5 Design, Body and Style

Exterior of this BMWs M series is definitely something that they`ve worked on for years and because of that, we aren`t surprised with this kind of appearance that new M5 have. New 2017 BMW M5 have absolutely amazing and stunning exterior design and everything on his body is designed with great sense for touch. Starting from the bottom of M5 and his amazing 20.0-inch alloy wheels to the roof made from the carbon fiber, everything is amazing. As we`ve said, his roof will be made from carbon fiber but that isn`t all that`s going to be made from that lightweight material. BMW will try to make as biggest part of new 2017 BMW M5 from that lightweight material so he can reduce his overall weight. His recognizable dual kidney-shape grille will remain to make you satisfied with so don`t worry about that or about his famous round-shape headlights which are also going to be made in the same shape and style as before, as well the taillights will. There won`t be changes in the design but there will be changes in the functionality of all the lights on new 2017 BMW M5. Every one of them will receive new LED lamps which can make them work better than before while they use less energy than before in the same time. Both of the bumpers will, thanks to more carbon fiber usage, become reinforced.

2017 BMW M5 Interior

Cabin of new 2017 BMW M5 is something we don`t even need to show you, you already know that’s going to be spectacular because BMW always tries to go step forward and to make the passengers enjoy even more in their cars. Instrument board inside this new 2017 BMW M5 will be among well-equipped ones so you can be sure that you won`t be missing anything inside new 2017 BMW M5. Even though it is filled with so many buttons and functions all of them will be simplified and easier to use than in some previous generations. We know that there are going to be a lot of functions present inside and some of them are: rear view camera, parking sensors, traction control, cruise control, lane departure warning, digital climate control, stability control and so many others.

2017 BMW M5 Engine and Transmission, Specs, Top Speed

We know that this kind of sedan, powerful as new 2017 BMW M5 really is. This time, new M5 will use 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V8 unit which is able to supply new 2017 BMW M5 with 600 horsepower and with 700 Nm as torque amount. When it comes to the transmission options which can be mated to this engine unit you can choose between 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic transmission system. We know that, thanks to the transmissions and the power, new M5 will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mpg in only 4 seconds flat and to reach 190 mph as his top speed.

2017 BMW M5 Rear

2017 BMW M5 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

To be the best, you`ve to beat the best! This time, biggest competitive for new 2017 BWM M5 will definitely going to be Audi`s model called Audi S6 which is one decent sport sedan as new M5 is. Starting price for this BMWs newest product is around $95.000 while some of his more equipped models could go way over $100k. Release date of this spectacular luxury sport sedan will be around summer of 2017, we can`t see him before July 2017 that`s for sure.

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