2016 Mercedes ML – powertrain, review, changes

2016 Mercedes ML in the last ten years has taken a leading place in the SUV category of luxury vehicles. This generation is a refreshment of the old model and will bring us a lot of innovations and improvements. Cutting edge design, the high degree of luxury, the best mechanics are the qualities that we now brings the three-pointed Silver Star. First things first!

2016 Mercedes ML side

2016 Mercedes ML redesign

Exterior has been changed to the extent that it is clear that it is not the same car as before. It’s a bit more appealing to the eye and lines him tight. The front end is dominated by the still large chrome grille with a characteristic star. Large and robust bumper with holes for air intake emphasize its power. Big wheels of 20 inches are supplied with wide tires and they would say that the 2016 Mercedes ML prefers roads than wild. The body is large and guarantees a large space in the cabin and great comfort. Chrome locks, moldings and door sills as well as the roll bar give it a special dose of luxury and elegance. Cab 2016 Mercedes ML is characterized by the roominess and luxury. The seats are very comfortable, covered with leather and electronically adjustable. They have a built-in motion sensors in a kit with the active seat belt system further enhances safety. Airbags nine and this system is one of the safest and most outstanding in the market. Dashboard, instruments at least the smallest button was created at the top level and extremely high quality, and the materials are the best that can be purchased. This SUV is like today’s modern cars as close to the plane and sports car and the long relies more on electronics than on mechanical systems. Electronic systems will not all go on but it should certainly mention the distribution of traction, ESP, ABS, smart headlights and similar management systems and stability systems. For entertainment, pleasure and comfort are responsible glossy stereo sound system, navigation, excellent insulation and air conditioning of the cabin. The feeling inside the car is like being in your living room.

2016 Mercedes ML interior

2016 Mercedes ML powertrain

Basis drive this beauty will be the engine of 3.0 L displacement which has six cylinders in a V arrangement. The engine in the 2016 Mercedes ML will have a power of 428 hp and at 5,500 engine revolutions per minute. The highest torque is obtained at about 4000 revolutions per minute and it is 354 lb/ft. The engine is combined with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This engine is sufficient for a fabulous performance this huge SUV, and the great improvement is the increase in the participation of aluminum in construction. This results to a reduction in weight and therefore is less consumption and greater mobility of the vehicles. With these improvements 2016 Mercedes ML is capable of 0 to 60 mph speed for about 6 seconds, which is like a big truck rather respectable result.

2016 Mercedes ML rear

2016 Mercedes ML release

The price of this model is not small and is expected to be around $ 60,000 but knowing that this is the model of premium class by one of the traditional and most popular manufacturers of these facts no wonder a lot. One thing we are sure it has a lot to offer, and we assume that customers will not miss.


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