2016 Lincoln Navigator – review, changes, specs

Dear readers, it’s time for the presentation of the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator. This attractive and well respected American SUV is a true pearl of the auto industry. And until now has been one of the most wanted model from the American continent. This version is a completely new generation and the way things are going it seems to be real refreshment markets. In any case, there are many attractive changes.

2016 Lincoln Navigator side

2016 Lincoln Navigator exterior and interior

Currently the current model is for a long time on the market and now this new version has greatly changed. For the start should mention the new platform. With it brand new body made of aluminum. The body is similarly conceived as it is now and it’s a real big SUV. Vehicle weight is greatly reduced. The aforementioned platform and housing will probably be taken over by Ford F-150. The front end features large LED headlamps and front chrome grille. Bumper will be deeper with the air intake holes. Lines of vehicles all are after log sharper and with a lot of chrome parts that give it an elegant look. The interior cabin is very spacious and very luxurious. 2016 Lincoln Navigator is full-size SUV and in the cabin with three rows of seats. Space for passengers has in abundance. The seats are large and very comfortable. They are covered with leather or in a worse option quality material. This is a vehicle designed primarily for a longer time or as a family and everything is subordinated to it. Air conditioning is excellent and soundproofing. The center console has a large screen, and optionally can be ordered and screens in the headrests of seats. Infotainment system is top notch, my Lincoln and managed across a large main screen. Controls are very adaptable to the driver and extremely easy to manage. Driving aids are in charge of many driver assistance systems. We will mention only some of them, such as the distribution of traction, ESP, ABS, rear-view camera and parking sensors. Also there are many entertainment systems such as high-quality sound system, Bluetooth or USB.

2016 Lincoln Navigator interior

2016 Lincoln Navigator powertrain

For now it is possible option that the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator has a drive as the previous one, and it is 5.4 L Triton V8 engine. According to some other announcements, he will have a V6 3.5 L EcoBoost engine. This engine has 370 HP and a maximum torque of 430 lb/ft. He also mentioned a new engine of 3.6 L, and it is interesting that announces as an engine with very law fuel consumption. Regarding the shift mentioned automatic transmission with 10 gears.

2016 Lincoln Navigator rear

2016 Lincoln Navigator release date and price

Price of the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator will probably move somewhere around $ 35,000, and his appearance is expected in early 2016. Competitors who expect his release are the Nissan Patrol, Infiniti QX80 and Lexus LX.


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