2016 Infinity Q60 – specs, concept, review

2016 Infinity Q60 is a redesigned version of a coupe from the premium class. This beauty will as before be interesting and attractive to younger people but is no stranger to those who love status symbols and of course has a biggest bank account. Revised design with additional qualities expected to be very interesting customers worldwide.

2016 Infiniti Q60 side

2016 Infinity Q60 interior and exterior

The changes that are expected in 2016 Infinity Q60 is primarily reflected in the changes in size. Length and width are increased but so reduce vehicle height. This has led to a more aggressive appearance and thin out the silhouette of the vehicle. In addition to the dimensions to be expected and new colors of which is Arctic Aluminum. In addition to these are also noticeable, and the change in the design of the front grille and headlights which are of course the LED technology. It was redesigned and the rear end and now has a number of the last line. The front bumper has large rhomboid shape air intakes. Cab of the 2016 Infinity Q60 is now more spacious. The materials are very luxury which we of course expect from this brand. Seats are sporty but very comfortable with excellent lumbar and side support. They sit quite low, which reinforces the sporty impression. Made of the finest leather and is lined with the same material and the dashboard and steering wheel. This panel completes the magnificent interior and gives him a certain amount of elegance. At the center is dominated by a large LCD screen. Through it managed many systems of the car. Air conditioning and soundproofing cabins are simply fantastic. Also, there is plenty of electrical systems such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity, Traction control, ESP, ABS and many other modern systems.

2016 Infiniti Q60 interior

2016 Infinity Q60 engines

Apparently foreseeable that 2016 Infinity Q60 has a very strong and agile engine, capable of chase this compartment as in the lower and in the higher revs. The unit, which will be installed in 2016 Infinity Q60 will probably be DOHC twin turbo engine capacity of 3.0 L. This is as already known V6 engine, a power transmission in this variant will be done through a seven-speed automatic transmission. In addition to rear-wheel drive, which is standard drive also will be offered and AWD.

2016 Infiniti Q60 rear

2016 Infinity Q60 release date

The appearance of this beauty should happen early next year, and the price at which they will sell the basic version will be around $ 45,000.s


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