2016 Honda Accord – redesign, powertrain

2016 Honda Accord is a new generation of Honda’s most popular sedans and certainly one of the best sedans on the market. This is essentially a redesign of the existing generation but we are slowly their improvements introduced to a new generation. The new generation of the market will be likely to occur within two years, and as an introduction to read this article.

2016 Honda Accord side

2016 Honda Accord exterior and interior redesign

Dear readers, this excellent sedan with a rather sporty character to us and this time brings some significant changes. As we have already mentioned this is a redesigned version of the previous model. The changes are visible in the design of the body and the light clusters. The headlights are LED technology and will be slightly narrower than the current ones. The front grille is chrome plated and wearing a magnified logo Honda brand. The color palette gave there are some new shades metallic colors that will be on the announcements excellent fit with stylish chrome applications. They also add a new alloy wheels and a new model of tires. The platform is of course unchanged so the dimensions of the same. Aerodynamic drag coefficient is improved to a lesser extent. All this stylish introduces us to a new generation that will be more elegant, aerodynamic easier and better than the current version of the 2016 Honda Accord. All the above would seem to indicate that the version for 2016 is boring car but the real fans of the Honda know that it’s not even close to true. This vehicle is of excellent design and very attractive. 2016 Honda Accord is very characteristic lines and sportsmanship car. And in the field of interior design has some changes. They are reflected in the advanced infotainment system, which is available on the new eight-inch monitor mounted on the center console. This is a display of luxurious limousines and SUVs and is therefore the on which play the Japanese team. Next to it there are the excellent sound system, USB and Bluetooth connectivity and a handful of other interesting little thing. Along with them there are already standard systems, ABS, ESP, excellent dual-zone air conditioning and the like.

2016 Honda Accord interior

2016 Honda Accord powertrain

Strong engine and power are one of the main features of 2016 Honda Accord. And in this version of the Accord this is reality. She will drive a 2.4 L four-cylinder having a power of 198 HP. This is more than enough for a great performance in a sedan. It is likely that it will be in this model appearing Hybrid combination, and has an announcement for some other aggregates of which is a turbo. About this there is no more concrete news so we’ll just keep on hearsay.

2016 Honda Accord rear

2016 Honda Accord release date and price

This redesigned version of the market will be likely to occur early next year, as an introduction to the generation of 2018, an entirely new and for now wearing only some of the news that will experience the full expansion of the new generation. Price 2016 Honda Accord will run several thousand dollars above and below 30,000 depending of trim level and engines.


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