2016 Ford Focus sedan – review, specs, powertrain

2016 Ford Focus sedan is one of the novelties that will appear later this year. This car is one of the favorite in the class mid-size sedan. Millions of copies sold around the world are reason enough to pay attention 2016 Focus which is expected only to continue the positive trend in terms of quality and increase sales. Competition is quite strong in this very strong segment but Ford does not care about good results if it continues the development of this sedan.

2016 Ford Focus sedan side

2016 Ford Focus sedan exterior and interior changes

External dimensions 2016 Ford Focus sedan will not be changed as well as the platform on which it is based. Platform C1 with four doors will continue to be the basis of this vehicle. The outside has changed in terms of the design and these changes are reflected in slight tension lines of the vehicle. The front end is characterized and dominated by chrome grill. The headlights are narrower and wider than its predecessor, and give an even sportier look. It will be made in LED technology. The rear lights are also the same technology, and at the front end are now built and standard fog lights. The rest of the vehicle has not suffered major changes. The interior is reflected in the cabin, which quite correctly can accommodate five passengers. The interior is very comfortable; the seats are very comfortable and optionally can be made of leather. The steering wheel is also upholstered in leather. The 2016 Ford Focus sedan will be installed dual-zone air conditioning as part of a package of standard equipment. Customers will be able to choose between the three trim levels: S, SE and Titanium. In addition to these novelties car will also be equipped with improved old systems ESP, ABS, traction control and many others. The large touch screen will be located on the center console and diagonals will probably be eight inches.

2016 Ford Focus sedan interior

2016 Ford Focus sedan powertrain

The drive unit that will be the most characteristic part of the range of engines in 2016 Ford Focus sedan is a four-cylinder diesel. This engine has a working volume of 2.0 L. The drive will be transmitted through gearbox on the front wheels. Generated power is 160 HP and a torque of 146 lb/ft or 198 Nm. Two gearboxes will be combined with this aggregate. One is five-and six-speed gearbox is second. Acceleration from 0-60 mph is around 8.5 s.

2016 Ford Focus sedan rear

2016 Ford Focus sedan release date and price

This beauty will appear on the market probably at the end of the current year or perhaps early next. Prices will not significantly differ from a predecessor what is not surprising given that this is essentially the same generation, but restyled. Price will range from about 16,000 to about $ 23,000.

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