2016 Ford Everest – review, release, EcoBoost

2016 Ford Everest, SUV of American factory in the new year will not be significantly different from its predecessor. This is basically just a restyled version of the older generation but it will be some new things and improvements, so we are in the following lines refer to the same.

2016 Ford Everest side

2016 Ford Everest exterior and interior

As we have mentioned changes to the vehicle will not be numerous but they will certainly be significant. Outer appearance will not change completely, or if the wheelbase slightly increase. The front end will continue to be characterized by powerful and robust headlights in LED technology. Powerful sides and front grill will receive slightly angularly form and reinforce this impression. These changes will be assumed to be the prelude to a new generation that will largely move in designer terms in this direction. Large and powerful 18-inch wheels are also present in this version, and the wheels are made of aluminum.

Increased wheelbase distance brings us to the biggest changes in this model, and it’s interior. High-quality materials used in the creation of the cab Ford Everest in 2016 largely reflect the dominance and quality of this SUV. Is the comfort of the passengers of this vehicle is one of the most essential characteristics and is in this embodiment brought to perfection. The seats are made of leather and very comfortable and electronic adjustable. The second and third row seats can be break and you get a huge cargo space. With these characteristics should also be mentioned, and improved suspension leading to an even better feeling of passengers on longer distances. 2016 Ford Everest is full of electronic equipment. They are divided into those that contribute to better feel the driver, braking systems, force distribution, traction and the like. Of those who contribute to a better feel of passengers there is a new touch screen of 8 inches and a new infotainment system Sync 2, new air conditioning, sound system and a great many long.

2016 Ford Everest interior

2016 Ford Everest engines

Several aggregates will form the powertrain of the Ford SUV crossover. The main engine is a four-cylinder EcoBoost 2.0 L. Stronger variant holds 2.2 L and also the diesel engine with the tag DuraTorq. The strongest engine will also be DuraTorq palace from the engine and the working volume will be his 3.2 L and that engine will have a five-cylinder. In combination with the drive motors will be combined six-speed transmission that will transmit power to all four wheels.

2016 Ford Everest rear

2016 Ford Everest release date and price

This model of American producer is primarily true for the markets of China, Asia and Australia. Price will be put in these markets of around $ 45,000. The market will likely occur early next year.

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