2016 BMW M6 – powertrain, changes, review

Dear readers, in this article we will write a few sentences about promotions in 2016 BMW M6. Taking into account that is the time to review of the current generation Series 6 these changes will include a special edition 2016 BMW M6. Which of the news has to offer us, we shall see but we are sure will be greatly promoted. 2016 BMW M6 is a model of the Bavarian factory that holds a banner in the sport coupe and their main advantage in this class.

2016 BMW M6 side

2016 BMW M6 changes

The design of this phenomenal sports coupe is extremely blatant and sports. Kidney logo of the factory central placed on the front end and deep bumper with large air intakes give him the look of a wild beast seen from the front. The lighting is in the form of intelligent LED headlights. Hips are extremely elegant lines; a small vehicle height gives it an elegant look. Body will be as it is now manufactured in two versions. First is coupe and second is convertible body. Vehicle weight is a little higher in a convertible but in general about 2t. The changes will be noticeable in the field of color and we’ll have a few new shades. We also have some new shapes and designs of new wheels. The interior is very luxurious and high quality. 2016 BMW M6 is equipped with a superb leather seats. The shape of it’s the sport but comfort as in at major road cruiser. Position the wheel is excellent even for drivers with greater height. The controls are very easy to handle and the conclusion is that the time dedicated to providing the same high. After all of the above and so far so good and continues the trend. For a new generation prepared a new and improved infotainment system. All other facilities of modern vehicles are present about them as already mentioned in previous presentations of this model.

2016 BMW M6 interior

2016 BMW M6 powertrain

2016 BMW M6 as you might imagine and is a real road beast. He shows from each of it’s the smallest part. But for this his most ferocious character is represented unit with an output of 552 HP and a maximum torque of 502 lb-ft. This power is being pulled out of 4.4 L displacement and with the help of two turbochargers. Gearboxes which are in charge of transmission of torque are seven-speed automatic or six-speed manual BMW established. It also has RWD (rear wheel drive), characteristic BMW drive. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is about 4.2 s, among the best in the class.

2016 BMW M6 rear

2016 BMW M6 release date and price

Date of appearance on the market will probably happen in the first months of next year, 2016. The price is quite large, but taking into account the characteristics, quality and image that brings this beauty I think it will be a lot of customers who are willing to pay around $ 120,000 for it.


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