2016 BMW M5 – release, powertrain, xDrive

Dear readers, the new 2016 BMW M5 sedan is in front of the door. This car is perhaps impolite to describe how great it is. He is one of the masterpieces of not only Germany but also the global automotive industry.

2016 BMW M5 side

2016 BMW M5 changes

2016 BMW M5 is one of the best sports sedans on the world market. This is a brand new version for it as a basis prepared the new platform. In terms of the dimensions of these will probably increase over its predecessor. It is also expected the new outer appearance. In terms of new designs and compliments for the same we could write but widely for such beauties simply say no. It will simply be amazing. No person to whom this powerful sedan is not fantastic, and evens the harshest critic. There should be a general impression is even more dynamic. Intelligent front headlights will be slightly narrower which gives an even greater level of aggression. The kidneys are of course still the trademark BMW and are in the form of the front grille. It will also change in dimension but also in the design suffer and alloy wheels. The interior will be higher, and this allows larger wheelbase. The interior will as before be highly sumptuous and luxurious. Large excellent ergonomic seats will be made of the finest leather and in several color variants. Other materials are of superior quality, one word all the most expensive which can be purchased. Traction control, drives, adhesion are simply perfect and very futuristic. They allow phenomenal driving characteristics and abilities that the human body is not expected and is driving feel phenomenal. There also should be classified and ABS braking system and ESP, which are more advanced and more rapid and better response. Other facilities that care for comfort and luxury travelers are simply enchanting. Air-conditioning and insulation in the cabin 2016 BMW M5 are great. Sound system, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and other gadgets are of course present.

2016 BMW M5 interior

2016 BMW M5 powertrain

In terms of engine 2016 BMW M5 will probably drive a V8 engine. The volume of this monstrously strong engine is 4.4 L, and is able to develop the power of about 600 HP and even more. This unit can speculate about some news but no concrete facts are mentioned even some new variants with three-cylinder engine. The drive is likely to exert permanent all-wheel.

2016 BMW M5 rear

2016 BMW M5 release date and price

According to some announcements will to appear this beauty will have to wait until the first half of next year, or perhaps a little earlier. Assumptions are that it will cost a bit more than its predecessor. We could hope that the new 2016 BMW M5 come to light of the day in July 2016. There are no official announcements about the price of the new M5, but it is almost certain that it will cost more than its predecessor.

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